Corporate Intrapreneur Profile
Corporate Intrapreneur Profile

As business models approach the end of their shelf lives, and the return on investment of traditional sources of innovation decline, leaders are

recognizing that the only truly sustainable sources of competitive advantage are an organisation’s culture, talent, and ability to adapt.

Every person brings to the table a set of skills that contributes to a game changing momentum that can unleash new productivity, creativity and
self-realization. That is why we have joined up with eg-1 to bring you the Corporate Intrapreneurs Profile. eg-1 has developed and pioneered the
Game Changer Index, a unique assessment framework allowing individuals to understand how their unique talents contribute to overall team success
and performance. We have worked with eg-1 to tailor this ground breaking framework specifically to focus on those traits that make for truly great
intrapreneurs and business partners.

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What is an Intrapreneur?:

  • an intrapreneur is an inside entrepreneur
  • an individual who sees their role in the widest possible context within the company
  • can perceive issues from multiple perspectives
  • operates like they are their own CEO and unafraid to
    challenge and be challenged
  • seeks to combine the skills of Business Partnering to create
    new innovation in productivity that bring new value to their

What is the Corporate Intrapreneur Profile and framework?:

  • every individual contributes to team success or failure. Knowing how each individual contributes best has been the ‘art’ of leadership. Now there is a way to identify an individual’s unique contribution style and help find the real Games Changers
  • a unique psychometric evaluation that allows individuals to understand how the play to their natural strengths
  • an entirely on-line evaluation with a feedback session that helps participants cement their understanding and provides an action framework to move ahead
  • this evaluation framework has given thousands of participants insight into how they can change the game within a framework of five complementary types: Game Changers, Playmakers, Polishers, Implementers and Strategists
  • backed by extensive research and development originated by Professor Dr. Adrian Furnham and developed by Dr. John Mervyn-Smith and brought to you by eg-1 and The Beyond Group
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Do you and your Team need to understand your
Intrapreneurs Profile?:

  • a hunger to learn how your personal profile contributes to organizational success
  • have a ‘propensity for action’ but not sure how to channel your entrepreneurial energy
  • how you best demonstrate leadership in a fragmented ecosystem of the modern corporation
  • a desire to put a ‘dent’ in the organisation
  • to learn how to produce results that will be recognised by
    your peers and superiors

If you and your Team have any of these characteristics, talk to us today about how we can help your Team move from 10% improvement to 10X improvement!

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