Learning & Development
We have a range of offerings from Small Gatherings organized exclusively for single clients to Large-Scale Learning Conferences with up to 150 attendees.
Each event is organized so participants gain new knowledge through listening, participating and sharing with colleagues.

Topics and formats:

  • Business Partnering: A one or two day program designed to help your team understand how collaborating to find value is the most successful way of achieving long lasting benefits as well as visibly demonstrating procurement’s ability to up-their-game and truly become a trusted business advisor.
  • LEAN for Procurement: A smaller conference environment helping small groups or company teams in applying the principles of LEAN in a highly focused way to drive projects forward and achieve maximum results.
  • “Better Selling” Conference: This unique large-scale conference allows participants learn and develop techniques to improve their offering focusing on the increase in value creation and locking in a mutually dependent relationship.
  • 1-day Roundtable Events: focusing on one particular aspect of procurement/productivity transformation. These medium sized events are open enrollment, allowing for broad based exchange between senior productivity and procurement executives.

Our sessions are not like similarly named conferences where real learning is optional and takeaways are not clear. Each of our unique learning conferences are highly focused, intense, engage with participants, and provide outputs that can be put to work immediately. Ask us to help you design one of our programs tailored to the size and needs of your team.

What our client’s say:

“I really like how The Beyond Group has set up their programs; not too theoretical and really linked to real-world experience. The BG guys bring a world of knowledge and experience right to your door.”

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Learning and development
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