Research and Publications
Through our global academic network
with leading institutions,
we seek to
Understand, Evaluate, Publish, and Present
findings by industry and geography
on how procurement
can help businesses drive greater company-wide productivity.
Research and publications
  • Exclusive focus on “What’s next?” for Procurement and Productivity.
  • Analysis of top strategies employed by over 500 companies to improve value generated by procurement teams based upon performance, output and feasibility.
  • Robust enough for academia, but simple enough for practitioners to immediately understand the new imperatives behind productivity
    and purchasing.
  • Development of the Trading Relationship Management Canvas, helping buyers and sellers understand and evaluate how they can improve relationships, co-create value, and mutually respond to the ultimate customers’ needs.

We publish out insights and findings in blogs, articles in trade publications, academic journals, white papers and present them at industry conferences, private company gatherings and academic sponsored events. Contact us if you wish to have our leadership present at your next event.

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